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2Q GDP Hits 3%, Yet 78% Still Live Paycheck to Paycheck

The Commerce Department reported yesterday that 2Q GDP rose at an annual rate of 3.0%, the best showing in more than two years and up from the initial estimate of 2.6%. The report was stronger than expected and was spurred by a bounce in consumer spending and business investment. While yesterday’s report was a welcome… Continue Reading

Fed Confirms Balance Sheet Reduction Just Ahead

In my August 8 Forecasts & Trends E-Letter, I suggested that the Fed Open Market Committee (FOMC) may vote to begin the process of reducing the size of its massive $4.5 trillion balance sheet at its next policy meeting on September 19-20 – in lieu of hiking the Fed Funds rate a third time this… Continue Reading

10 Best/Worst States For Making a Good Living in 2017

I ran across an interesting article back in June that ranked the 10 best and worst US states to live in for making a good living. I just haven’t had an opening to write about it until now, so here goes. The survey was conducted by and factored in state median salaries, state income… Continue Reading

Millennial Women Surging Ahead of Male Counterparts

Millennial Women Surging Ahead of Male Counterparts In my E-Letter on Tuesday, my main topic focused on how over one-third of Millennials are living with their parents today, out of necessity. Today I want to follow up on that discussion and point out another major trend we all should be aware of regarding Millennials. But… Continue Reading

Why 85% of Workers Worldwide Despise/Hate Their Bosses

The most interesting thing I read in the last week is a new Gallup World Poll which found that only 15% of the world’s one billion full-time workers are “engaged” at work – meaning they are enthusiastic about their jobs. The poll found that the main reason workers are not engaged is because they dislike… Continue Reading