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More Americans Want to Downsize Homes Than Upsize

There is so much in the news of late that I really don’t know where to start today. There are so many hot topics I could discuss below. There’s the unprecedented media attacks on President Trump; the Obamacare repeal and replace issue; the economy which is in flux; the upcoming Fed meeting next week and… Continue Reading

Fed’s Yellen Turns Hawkish – Rate Hike As Early As March

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen appeared before Congress on Tuesday for the first day of her semiannual testimony on monetary policy. In a surprise to many, Yellen gave the markets a wake-up call — that the Fed is serious about raising interest rates three times this year, and possibly as early as the next Fed… Continue Reading

Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged, Cuts Number of Rate Hikes Ahead

As was widely expected, the Fed Open Market Committee (FOMC) left the Fed Funds rate unchanged at 0.25%-0.50% yesterday. What was surprising in the statement and the projections was the fact that the Committee cut in half the projected number of rates hikes for this year and next. The Fed signaled late last year that… Continue Reading

Mortgage Debt – The Growing Retirement Dilemma

How long has it been since you’ve seen a picture of someone burning their mortgage agreement after the loan was repaid? It was once a big deal, especially with the Greatest Generation. There was no joy like that last mortgage payment, and many of our parents prided themselves on burning that paper – usually before… Continue Reading

The Latest Debt Crisis – Student Loans Top $1 Trillion

A new report from the Federal Reserve released on Monday showed that Americans racked up less credit card debt in the 4Q of last year, as compared to the 3Q. That’s a good thing. However, total household debt actually hit a new record in February of $3.13 trillion (not including home mortgages). So how can… Continue Reading