Bill & Hillary Clinton Finally in Serious Legal Trouble?

Most conservatives, yours truly included, have long believed that Bill and Hillary Clinton engaged in various illegal activities off and on for years. Yet by one means or another, and with a complicit mainstream media looking the other way, the Clintons have managed to evade any serious charges of criminal activity. That may be about to change.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Tuesday that he and the Justice Department are considering appointing a “Special Counsel” to investigate the questionable Clinton dealings and undertakings over the last decade or so. If this goes forward, it could well mean serious ramifications for the Clintons.

All of this has been bubbling up for months now and, of course, the mainstream media has been doing its dead-level best to keep a lid on this news. But if AG Jeff Sessions does appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the Clintons’ alleged illegal activities, this story is going to blow wide open just ahead.

Most Americans have no idea what the Clintons have been up to in recent years, including during the time that Hillary was our Secretary of State in the Obama administration. Former President Obama is also implicated in some of this mess. So today, I will briefly summarize the allegations against the Clintons, and to a lesser extent Mr. Obama.

To begin this discussion, we have to go back to 2009 when Hillary became President Obama’s Secretary of State. As we can all recall, Hillary decided to install a personal e-mail server in her New York residence to handle State Department communications – including classified security information – rather than using secure government methods of communication.

As we all can also recall, in July 2016 then FBI Director James Comey made a very public admission that Hillary had broken national security protocols by using her home-brew private e-mail system for communicating sensitive government information – and called her actions “extremely careless.” Yet Comey decided that no criminal charges would be brought against Hillary because the FBI concluded that she had no “intent” to break the law. (You and I would be in jail if we had done the same thing!)

Now let’s move on to the very controversial “Uranium One” deal where the US agreed to sell 20% of its uranium stockpile to a Russian-owned entity when Hillary was Secretary of State. While Hillary has denied knowing about the uranium sale to Russia, she was a voting member of the US government agency that approved the controversial sale. President Obama also approved this transaction.

The ugliest part of this story is that powerful Russian oligarchs seeking the uranium deal reportedly contributed around $145 million to the Clinton Foundation in the year or so leading up to the sale. They also paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for a single speech in Moscow. This troubling information is now widely known, yet the media has been largely silent.

Next, we move to 2015 when Hillary was campaigning to win the Democratic nomination for president. When Hillary decided to run again, she discovered that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was not only dead-broke, thanks to President Obama, but was also over $2 million in debt.

Hillary made a shrewd move in that she offered to give the DNC the $2 million it was in debt, but in return she demanded control of the DNC and all of its fundraising going forward. The DNC had little choice but to agree.

This gave Hillary full control of the DNC even before she had clinched the Democrat presidential nomination over Bernie Sanders. Donna Brazile, the head of the DNC at the time, claims in her new book that Hillary rigged the Democratic primary against Sanders. This is big.

Next, it has become known in recent months that Hillary and the DNC financed the highly controversial (and unsubstantiated) “Steele Dossier” which includes salacious allegations about President Trump – based on unnamed Russian sources.

I could go on, but the point is, most of this damaging news about the Clintons was largely ignored during the Hillary/Trump campaign. Why? Because everyone thought Hillary would win in a landslide, and no one in the mainstream media wanted to tarnish her chances.

But to almost everyone’s surprise, Hillary lost to Donald Trump. Since then, Hillary has been blaming everyone but herself for her loss, including in her new book. Hillary just won’t go away. Maybe the media is finally getting tired of her.

In any event, the truth about the Clintons is steadily leaking out. Some of it includes possible criminal activity. Will it lead to criminal charges against the Clintons? I wouldn’t bet on it. But if a Special Counsel is appointed to investigate the Clintons, I wouldn’t bet against it either. This will be interesting!

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