“Civil Asset Forfeiture” – Out of Control Abuse of Power

Civil Asset Forfeiture is one of the most flagrantly unconstitutional government practices occurring in the United States today. Under its auspices, law enforcement agencies are permitted to seize cash, cars, homes, businesses and other property from innocent people who have been neither charged nor convicted of any underlying crime. The seized property is then sold,… Continue Reading

Debt Ceiling: How “Extraordinary Measures” Work

As most of my readers know, the government will hit the current debt limit extension tomorrow (December 8) – unless Congress votes to expand the limit today or tomorrow, which is looking increasingly unlikely. Republican members of Congress are laser-focused on passing tax reform, and they know the government won’t actually shut down on December… Continue Reading

Goldman Sachs Predicts 4% Global Growth in 2018

My main theme in the second half of this year has been that the US economic recovery is gaining momentum. We have seen back-to-back quarters of better than 3% GDP growth in the 2Q and 3Q. Just yesterday, the Commerce Department reported that 3Q GDP rose at an annual rate of 3.3%, up from 3.0%… Continue Reading

Bill & Hillary Clinton Finally in Serious Legal Trouble?

Most conservatives, yours truly included, have long believed that Bill and Hillary Clinton engaged in various illegal activities off and on for years. Yet by one means or another, and with a complicit mainstream media looking the other way, the Clintons have managed to evade any serious charges of criminal activity. That may be about… Continue Reading

GOP’s Hidden 45.6% Tax Bracket For Wealthy is For Real

I don’t want to be a broken record on the subject of the new GOP tax reform proposal, especially after devoting my entire E-Letter to it on Tuesday. Yet there is one troubling aspect of the new tax plan that has come to light this week as analysts dug deeper into the details. That revelation,… Continue Reading