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Trump Tax Cuts – Many Americans Don’t Want Them

President Trump unveiled his plans for tax cuts and tax reform yesterday at an event in Indianapolis, Indiana, and most pundits declared them dead on arrival. Meanwhile, several recent polls suggest that many Americans don’t want Congress to pass tax cuts at this time. For example, a recent poll cited in Investor’s Business Daily found… Continue Reading

Odds For Meaningful Tax Cuts Have Improved Significantly

In the last two months, the odds of Congress passing meaningful tax cuts this year basically plunged to near zero but have rebounded strongly in the last few weeks. As of today, the odds of significant tax cuts before yearend look pretty good, but it’s still complicated. Let’s revisit what’s happened over the last two… Continue Reading

Critical Labor Shortage To Delay Hurricane Rebuilding

There was already a shortage of construction workers, especially in the South, before the hurricanes slammed Texas, Louisiana and Florida. No doubt demand for construction workers in these areas will skyrocket in the weeks and months just ahead. More on this below. Across all industries, unfilled job openings hit another new record high in July,… Continue Reading

High Corporate Income Tax = Less Pay For Workers

I have argued recently that one of the first things Congress should do is lower the corporate income tax from 35% to 15% (or at least 20%) – even if broad-based tax reform has to wait until next year. I have also argued for an immediate one-time corporate tax rate, say 10%, on profits held… Continue Reading

The President Can Put Congress On Obamacare – So Do It!

This post should strike a chord with everyone, regardless of your political persuasion. Were you angered last month when the GOP-controlled Senate failed to repeal Obamacare? I know I certainly was. Republicans have promised for seven years to “repeal and replace” Obamacare – if only voters would give them majority control of Congress and the… Continue Reading