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The Fed, The Feud And The Fraud

To almost no one’s surprise, Janet Yellen & Company voted to keep the Fed Funds rate range unchanged at 0.25%-0.50% at the latest policy committee meeting that ended yesterday. The policy statement released after the meeting was quite positive regarding improvements in the economy, the labor market and consumer spending since the last committee meeting.… Continue Reading

Entrepreneurship/New Business Startups At 40-Year Low

Some weeks it is almost impossible to decide what to write about in my E-Letter and Blog. But currently, there are so many interesting topics to write about I don’t know where to land. I’m itching to write about Obama’s $1.7 billion cash “ransom” payment to Iran and the terrible Iran nuclear deal struck last… Continue Reading

Fed Continues to Overstate the Growth of the Economy – Why?

Two prominent Fed officials gave major speeches over the last week, and both suggested that the US economy will surge in the second half of this year. Both indicated that this newfound growth in the previously moribund economy means the Fed will raise interest rates soon. The two Fed officials were Fed Vice-Chairman Stanley Fischer… Continue Reading

Over-Regulation Now Makes America $4 Trillion Poorer

I have focused on over-regulation in America for the last couple of months because it is such a crippling impediment to the US economy, and because it is such a critical issue in the upcoming presidential election. The candidates have starkly different views on this issue. Today we’ll look at a new study from the… Continue Reading

Obama Holds Record For Most Regulations, Not Done Yet

Most economists agree that one of the greatest hindrances to the economy today is over-regulation by government at all levels, but especially at the federal level. A new study from the conservative non-profit American Action Forum (AAF) found that President Obama has already issued more major regulations than any president before him. AAF defines “major”… Continue Reading