Obama’s Post-Election Temper Tantrum Continued In SOTU

President Obama’s sixth State of the Union (SOTU) address on Tuesday night was considered by many to be his most strident and controversial of all. In my December 2 E-Letter, I characterized Mr. Obama’s rash of executive orders and unilateral actions since the sweeping mid-term elections defeat as a “temper tantrum.”

Since the elections in early November, Obama has gone on a monarchical rampage, granting amnesty to millions of illegals, signing a terrible, one-sided greenhouse gas emissions deal with China, fired his Defense Secretary for disagreeing with him on national defense, proposed that the government regulate the Internet and normalized relations with communist Cuba – all  without consulting Congress.

And the temper tantrum continued on Tuesday night. He unveiled a new budget-busting plan to give free community college to just about anyone who wants it. And now he is doubling down on his cynical class-warfare policy with a new proposal to punish the wealthy with $320 billion in new taxes. He also reiterated the executive actions he took in November after the crushing mid-term defeat.

He’s apparently still mad as hell over the elections and seemingly more determined than ever to pursue his liberal agenda, even if it hurts America.


But rather than give you more of my thoughts about the president’s State of the Union speech, I have included links to two interesting articles which appeared on Wednesday after the controversial address – in which he took full credit for the improving economy and blamed Republicans in Congress for all of America’s ills. The articles have a very different take on the president’s speech and his ambitions.

The first article is from THE WASHINGTON TIMES and is entitled “Obama Dismisses Electorate and Disses Congress.”  I’ll warn you in advance: the editorial is very critical of the president’s speech and his recent slew of executive actions.

The second article is from THE WALL STREET JOURNAL and is entitled: “The Gaslight President – Obama’s policies have crushed middle-class Incomes.” This editorial addresses how middle-class incomes, which were already in decline, have gotten even worse on Obama’s watch – and how they may get even worse if the president gets his way.

I’ll cut it short today so that you can read these articles. As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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